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Did you guys see the video MSN posted last night?

Here is a copy of the article on MSN:

Cell phone time traveler from 1928?  By Suzanne Choney

“Is a woman in a 1928 film who appears to have a cell phone glued to her ear in fact a time traveler? That’s what some conspiracy theorists think this eerie scene (video below) from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film, “The Circus” is telegraphing, or rather phoning, and that the woman — who looks about as time-traveler-ish as Martha Stewart, is indeed a voyager from the vortex of time and space.

Belfast filmmaker George Clarke, a Chaplin fan, says he was watching the “behind the scenes of ‘The Circus’ ” and was “stumped” at what he saw.

“I kept winding it back, playing it; winding it back, playing it back, and I couldn’t explain this,” he says. “I want to get this out there to let people try and give me an idea, because right now the only conclusion that I can come to — it sounds absolutely ridiculous, I’m sure, to some people — it’s a time traveler.” Although, as Clarke notes, the “old woman … looks like a man in drag … on a mobile phone.”

Some who have seen the clip and commented online say it’s not a phone the woman is holding, that perhaps she’s holding her hand up to her ear to shield the sun from her eyes, or to shield herself to stay out of the camera’s gaze.

“Aside from some Star Trek time travel shenanigans — could it have been some type of hearing aid … or transistor radio or maybe even the fact that she might have been a nut bag and she was talking to herself?” said one person’s posting on Gawker.com.”

Watch and tell me what you think!


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I thought I would share this video.  I loved the song from the very first time I heard it and I still love it!  The video is great as well!

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I thought I would share a copy of the email I just sent to the so-called “Honorable Jan Brewer.”  Yes she actually calls herself that on her website.  What a POS!!!

My note:

“All I want to say is that I think it is disgusting that you did not stop the execution of Jeffrey Landrigan last night.  The other thing I want to say is that I can sleep at night with a clear conscience.  Can you?  I would be suprised if anyone who advocates legal murder has a conscience.  Thank you “Honorable Jan Brewer” I did not realize there were so many comedians in politics!”

Do you think she will get the hint???

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Well it was a brief win for the movement to abolish the death penalty.  A federal judge lifted the stay and Jeffrey Landrigan was executed last night.  I am just lost for words right now.

I am trying to be the bigger person here because the only thing that my mind wants to spit out are things that are not typical of how I write.  All I can say is that Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona is a PIG.

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I love when Ricky Ricardo use to say to Lucy “LUCY, you got some ‘splaining to do!”

Anyway, I wanted to explain a little more about the stay granted for Jeffrey Landrigan today.  A federal judge ordered Arizona to reveal their source for their sodium thiopental (induces unconsciousness) which is one of the three drugs require to carry out lethal injections.  The chemical is in short supply in the United States.  There is only one company who makes it in the United States and they are out of stock.  They will not be making any until sometime in early 2011.  So that makes one wonder where Arizona got their supply from then.  They refuse to say where their supply came from.  Sounds a little fishy to me!

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The U.S. District Court granted a stay for Jeffrey Landrigan on the basis to allow time to examine the source of the lethal injection drugs.

I am shocked they did that but glad at the same time!  Everytime something like this happens, this is a win to abolish the death penalty.  I wish they had not waited until the last day  Can you imagine what goes through the mind of a condemned person?  I cannot phathom what they must think while knowing they will die in a couple hours.  If that is not cruel and unusual punishment, I don’t know what is.

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This week…

For those interested, there is one execution this week, Jeffrey Landrigan tomorrow. I encourage those interested to immediately start writing Governor Brewer of Arizona. I have already wrote a couple times and will continue to write until time runs out. I realize some of these governors do not care what I have to say but I figure I will atleast make things difficult for them.

You can make a plea for clemency at:

The next execution following Landrigan is Phillip Halford of Alabama.  It is not too early to start writing the governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, at:


Have a great week everyone.

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