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When I first started this blog in 2010, I was a fairly confident, well adjusted person.  However I, shortly, allowed someone in my past come back into my life.  His name was Daniel and we had been friends for nearly 15 years.  However, the person I knew as a kid was no where close to the person he had become.

His name was Daniel, a name that will forever haunt me.  I am 6 months older than Daniel, so, we are roughly the same age,  We had dated in high school.  We had stayed in touch even while we dated (I married) other people.  We always remained friends.

In late 2010, Daniel began pressuring me to spend time with him.  I was reluctantly agreed.  Something in the pit of my stomach told me this was wrong.  How I wish I had listened to my gut.

When I started spending time with Daniel, it felt like old times.  I loved it.  However, after a few weeks, the true Daniel began to appear.  I was staying at his parents’ house for the week with Daniel.  I walked out of the guest bedroom which was off of the laundry room and Daniel was standing in the laundry room with a hand saw sawing a 4″ x 6′ in half because he believed there were wires and cameras hidden in the board.  This made zero sense to me.  I shrugged it off and went back to bed.  I stayed the rest of the week and went back home.

About a month after my first visit, Daniel asked me to visit him again.  I, again, had that feeling that this was a bad decision to go but I did anyway.  After I went back, Daniel’s true personality started shining through.  Daniel was very paranoid and heard voices.  I often caught him responding to the voices.  The first time I realized what the problem was I felt true fear.  I had never been around a mentally ill person.  With the push from his parents, we got Daniel to a psychiatrist.  She told us he is paranoid schizophrenic.  Her last words were that Daniel was psychotic.  That day after the visit to the psychiatrist, Daniel came home and promptly began to dismantle a huge beam that ran across the ceiling in the lower half of the house.  He said that the psychiatrist told him it was ok to search the house for wires and recording devices (cameras).  Needless to say, his mom was extremely upset when she saw what he had done.  Of course, the doctor never told him it was ok to rip the house a part but in his mind she gave him the green light.

That was the first of many incidents…

Not too long after, Daniel woke me up around 7am and was frantic.  He told me that my laptop was infected and I could never use it again.  He then preceded to tell me that we had to leave the country because the CIA and the Freemasons were coming to get us.  He forced me into the car.  Three days we ended up in Tijuana from Delaware.  He did not sleep for three days.  He was in a complete psychoses for three days.  In that time, he tried to force me to marry him in Las Vegas but he made me leave so fast that I had only left with my license and you can not get married without a license, he then accused me of having someone taking over my mind and whoever was in control of my mind must have been a smoker because I has post nasal drip which was causing me to cough, he drove 120 mph down the interstate and passing semis on the shoulder, and eventually we ended up in Mexico.  Luckily, I think the culture shock of being in Mexico snapped him back into reality.  I convinced to turn around and go back to San Diego.  However, without ID we had to be detained at the boarder crossing until they could verify my identity.  We were subjected to huge drug dogs searching the car and I had one practically jump in my lap.  I was truly scared but after an hour or so they came back and had verified my identity.  We were allowed to cross back into The United States.

We arrived back in San Diego and got a room for the night.  For a brief period of time, I had the upper hand and booked two plane tickets back to the east coast.  I convinced him that we would park the car at a parking garage and come back for it in a few days.  The flight home was terrifying.  He was talking to himself and I would see people staring at him.  I had to force myself to stay on target which was getting home, with or without him.

We arrived at PHIL Airport the following morning and Daniel’s dad picked us up and drove us back to their house.  I was never so glad to see Delaware in all my life.  A week after we got home, Daniel’s dad and I signed commitment papers to have Daniel committed against his will.  We did this after the bizarre trip to Tijuana and the fact that Daniel stole his dad’s car in an attempt to visit my mother.  We were afraid he was going to hurt my mother so his father called the police but no one could find Daniel.  While the police looked for Daniel, we signed the commitment papers.  Late that night, Daniel finally came home and his dad call the police and told them where he was and the promptly removed him and place him a mental institution for evaluation and for his safety and ours.  Daniel was there for two weeks and refused medication and any sort of treatment.

I was devastated when he came home and nothing had changed.  If anything, it made things worse.  Daniel was super angry over what he had done…

Next part of my story, posting soon.  Please check back.


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