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I have been super busy and so I apologize for my neglect to the blog, the forum, and the execution watch list.  I am mainly here tonight on Christmas Eve to wish everyone out there Happy Holidays.  I am not able to be with the one I love tonight but I hope everyone else is more fortunate.

Look for me in the new year to do better with the blog!  Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Mine has been pretty uneventful. Thank God!

Can I rant a little?

I started a Twitter account to help get traffic to my forum. Well my forum has a certain ghostly theme. Therefore, when I went on Twitter, I followed other people with same interests. I think i followed around 700 people and out of those 700 about 200 followed back. So less than 30% actually bothered to follow back! People with the same interests! At first, I was dumbfounded! Then I got to thinking after reading some posts (especially from some paranormal groups who have twitters) they don’t want competition! They feel that they are the most important and to acknowledge someone else with the same interest is below them. Like I should be their fan and should consider myself lucky I can read their words. They don’t care what I have to say! I stupidly thought most people with paranormal interests helped each other because it is a field that a lot of people don’t believe in and so those who do would be able to connect. I was so wrong! This does not deter me but does frustrated me!!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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Well the bewitching month is apon us!  I love October.  It begins my favorite time of the year, Halloween through Christmas.

I am having one those days where I am having a hard time focusing.  My mind is elsewhere.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and is looking forward to the weekend!

Be sure to join my paranormal forum and post your stories and thoughts!


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Hope everyone is having a great day.

For those who read the forum or are members, I wanted to update that “VWBug71” who was having activity and issues with his dog being afraid in certain areas of his house.  He updated me a little while ago that after having his house blessed, the activity has seemed to cease and his dog will go into parts of his house where the dog would not before!  This is fantastic news.

Good luck Mike and keep us updated if you have any experiences in the future!

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I posted a new topic under “On the lighter side” in the forum.  I give a brief description of how to read someone’s aura.  It is pretty simple and easy to do!  I believe anyone can read auras if they know how!

Have fun trying and let me know how it goes for you!


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I have been sitting here trying to remember what day it is.  That is bad!

I was dogging Twitter yesterday.  I take that back.  I have met some really nice people on there and people have been sharing their experiences with me on Twitter and through the forum.  Things are starting to move along.  Thank you to all my new followers and those who have shared with me!

For those interested in the anti-death penalty movement, I have added a list to the right of current prisoners who have or are currently facing execution.  For active executions, I am going to provide a link to the governor of that prisoner’s state if you are inclined to make a plea for clemency.  I will be working on that.

Please remember that I am not pushing my beliefs on anyone but making resources available to those who may have the same beliefs!

Have a great Tuesday (yeah Tuesday not Wednesday!haha)

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Yes I even managed to sign up for Twitter! Hopefully utilizing Twitter will get more members on the forum to help get it going!

You can follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/hauntingme.

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