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I have been super busy and so I apologize for my neglect to the blog, the forum, and the execution watch list.  I am mainly here tonight on Christmas Eve to wish everyone out there Happy Holidays.  I am not able to be with the one I love tonight but I hope everyone else is more fortunate.

Look for me in the new year to do better with the blog!  Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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Well the bewitching month is apon us!  I love October.  It begins my favorite time of the year, Halloween through Christmas.

I am having one those days where I am having a hard time focusing.  My mind is elsewhere.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and is looking forward to the weekend!

Be sure to join my paranormal forum and post your stories and thoughts!


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Yes I even managed to sign up for Twitter! Hopefully utilizing Twitter will get more members on the forum to help get it going!

You can follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/hauntingme.

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Good Sunday to everybody. It is rainy and cool here. Just the way I like it. This was such a hot, long summer. I always look forward to autumn. Other than Christmas, autumn is my favorite time of year. My other favorite holiday happens to fall into this time of year, Halloween! I always felt Halloween was a very magical time of the year. People seem to open their minds more to the paranormal or unexplained during this time. From this point through Halloween and Thanksgiving and just after Christmas, I am in my glory. I hope everyone that reads my blog will also enjoy the next couple of months as well!

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