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Did you guys see the video MSN posted last night?

Here is a copy of the article on MSN:

Cell phone time traveler from 1928?  By Suzanne Choney

“Is a woman in a 1928 film who appears to have a cell phone glued to her ear in fact a time traveler? That’s what some conspiracy theorists think this eerie scene (video below) from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film, “The Circus” is telegraphing, or rather phoning, and that the woman — who looks about as time-traveler-ish as Martha Stewart, is indeed a voyager from the vortex of time and space.

Belfast filmmaker George Clarke, a Chaplin fan, says he was watching the “behind the scenes of ‘The Circus’ ” and was “stumped” at what he saw.

“I kept winding it back, playing it; winding it back, playing it back, and I couldn’t explain this,” he says. “I want to get this out there to let people try and give me an idea, because right now the only conclusion that I can come to — it sounds absolutely ridiculous, I’m sure, to some people — it’s a time traveler.” Although, as Clarke notes, the “old woman … looks like a man in drag … on a mobile phone.”

Some who have seen the clip and commented online say it’s not a phone the woman is holding, that perhaps she’s holding her hand up to her ear to shield the sun from her eyes, or to shield herself to stay out of the camera’s gaze.

“Aside from some Star Trek time travel shenanigans — could it have been some type of hearing aid … or transistor radio or maybe even the fact that she might have been a nut bag and she was talking to herself?” said one person’s posting on Gawker.com.”

Watch and tell me what you think!


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Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Mine has been pretty uneventful. Thank God!

Can I rant a little?

I started a Twitter account to help get traffic to my forum. Well my forum has a certain ghostly theme. Therefore, when I went on Twitter, I followed other people with same interests. I think i followed around 700 people and out of those 700 about 200 followed back. So less than 30% actually bothered to follow back! People with the same interests! At first, I was dumbfounded! Then I got to thinking after reading some posts (especially from some paranormal groups who have twitters) they don’t want competition! They feel that they are the most important and to acknowledge someone else with the same interest is below them. Like I should be their fan and should consider myself lucky I can read their words. They don’t care what I have to say! I stupidly thought most people with paranormal interests helped each other because it is a field that a lot of people don’t believe in and so those who do would be able to connect. I was so wrong! This does not deter me but does frustrated me!!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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Well the bewitching month is apon us!  I love October.  It begins my favorite time of the year, Halloween through Christmas.

I am having one those days where I am having a hard time focusing.  My mind is elsewhere.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and is looking forward to the weekend!

Be sure to join my paranormal forum and post your stories and thoughts!


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Hope everyone is having a great day.

For those who read the forum or are members, I wanted to update that “VWBug71” who was having activity and issues with his dog being afraid in certain areas of his house.  He updated me a little while ago that after having his house blessed, the activity has seemed to cease and his dog will go into parts of his house where the dog would not before!  This is fantastic news.

Good luck Mike and keep us updated if you have any experiences in the future!

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Good Sunday to everybody. It is rainy and cool here. Just the way I like it. This was such a hot, long summer. I always look forward to autumn. Other than Christmas, autumn is my favorite time of year. My other favorite holiday happens to fall into this time of year, Halloween! I always felt Halloween was a very magical time of the year. People seem to open their minds more to the paranormal or unexplained during this time. From this point through Halloween and Thanksgiving and just after Christmas, I am in my glory. I hope everyone that reads my blog will also enjoy the next couple of months as well!

Don’t forget to join my

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The Haunting Forum is up and fully operational! Visit our forum page to join!

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